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Hokkien Syllables

Post by anton » Tue Sep 27, 2005 2:11 am

good day ladies&gentlemen

I'm Hokkien origin but unfortunately unable to speak mother tongue. ;/(
Thanks goodness, here is found such a great forum to improve language.

I'd like to know if someone know "Table of Hokkian Syllable/Pronunciation", so that I can learn phonetic conversion with Mandarin (普通話/國語);

likewise Cantonese have "粵音節表" a lot on the web.
e.g. http://www.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Lexis/lexi- ... lables.php

Btw, since there are many variants of 閩南, how to categorize the dialect if my grandpa come from HokChia (福清)?
I browse in wikipedia but could not find any.

need to clarify that ontology (genetic classification):
Sino-Tibetan (漢藏語係) -> Chinese (漢語) -> Min (閩方言) -> ?Hokkian (閩南話) ->
?* AMoy (廈門)
?* ChangChew (漳州)
?* ChinChew (泉州)
?* TaiYu (台語)
?* HaiNan (海南)
?* TeoChew (潮州)

is PehOeJi (白話字) regarded as worldwide Hokkien standard for Romanization, or only in Taiwan?

thanks very much.
best regards,

Post by hong » Tue Sep 27, 2005 2:37 am

I already mentioned in this forum and gave web sites about 福清 a 閩東 sect.
Try send email to Singapore fuqing association to get video of quqing VCD.They asked some experts in China to do it.

Post by hong » Tue Sep 27, 2005 2:41 am


Post by Guest » Sat Oct 01, 2005 7:20 am

Sino-Tibetan (唐藏語係 "in Southern Chinese languages" / 漢藏語係 "in Nothern Chinese languages")

-> Chinese (唐話 "in Southern Chinese languages" / 漢語 "in Nothern Chinese languages")

-> Hokkian (福建語)

-> A. ChiangChoan language (漳泉話)

1. ChiangChoan dialect (漳泉)
-----a. ChinChew vernacular (泉州)
-----b. ChangChew vernacular (漳州)
-----c. AMoy (廈門) and TaiWan vernacular (台灣)
-----d. Southern CheChiang vernacular (浙江南部)
2. TeoChew dialect (潮州)
3. LeiChew dialect (雷州)
4. SingHua dialect (興化)
5. HaiNan dialect (海南)

-> B. FuChew (福州) language
-> C. JianChew (建州) language
-> D. YiongAn (永安) language

Post by Guest » Sun Oct 02, 2005 11:33 am

-> Sino-Tibetan (唐藏語系 "in Native Chinese Languages" / 漢藏語系 "in Nomadic Conquerors Chinese Languages")

-> Chinese (唐話 "in Native Chinese languages" / 漢語 "in Nomadic Conquerors Chinese languages")

-> A. Native Chinese Languages (唐話)
1. Hokkian (福建話)
2. Cantonese (廣東話)
3. Hakka (客家話)
4. Wu (吳語)
5. Gan (贛語)
6. Xiang (湘語)
7. Hui (徽語)
8. Jin (晉語)

-> B. Nomadic Conquerors Chinese Languages (漢語), or Altainized Chinese Languages
1. Mandarine languages (官話)

-> Hokkian Languages (福建話)
1. ChiangChoan language (漳泉)
2. FuChew language (福州)
3. JianChew language (建州)
4. YiongAn language (永安)

-> 1. ChiangChoan language (漳泉)
a. ChiangChoanTai dialect (漳泉台)
b. TeoChew dialect (潮州)
c. LeiChew dialect (雷州)
d. SingHua dialect (興化)
e. HaiNan dialect (海南)
f. some "dialect islands" (speech island)

-> a. ChiangChoanTai dialect (漳泉台)
1. ChinChew vernacular (泉州)
2. ChangChew vernacular (漳州)
3. AMoy (廈門) and TaiWan vernacular (台灣)
4. Southern CheChiang vernacular (浙江南部)
5. some "vernacular islands" (speech island)