Romanisation scheme for Wu

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Thomas Chin

Romanisation scheme for Wu

Postby Thomas Chin » Tue Dec 03, 2002 10:17 am

Is there a generally accepted romanisation scheme for Wu?


Thomas Chin

Dylan Sung

Re: Romanisation scheme for Wu

Postby Dylan Sung » Thu Dec 05, 2002 10:36 pm

Hi Thomas,

I don 't think so, but you could refer to the one found in Jichu Shanghaihua 基礎上海話, by Tang Zixiang 湯志祥, ISBN 962-231-251-9 is for book one, and there is a whole series of them. It also gives you the IPA values for the individual syllables, with the romanisation in the roman alphabet.


James Campbell

Re: Romanisation scheme for Wu

Postby James Campbell » Sun Dec 08, 2002 5:45 pm

I have a romanizatin scheme for Wu, similar to the one Dylan refers to, but with some modifications. I'll try to put it up in the near future.

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