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Android Hokkien Keyboard

Postby Abun » Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:48 pm

Some time ago in a thread on the 萌典 dictionary app (, I mentioned a Hokkien input method for smartphones (or at least for Android ones) called TaigiIME ( I also mentioned various reasons why I didn't like it, most importantly effectively forcing the user to learn 注音/ㄅㄆㄇㄈ (and not even the correct one for Hokkien). Although there was a keyboard in latin letters, it was merely a relabelling of the 注音 one, so one would still have to learn the way 注音 worked.

However, it seems that with the latest update, the biggest problems in my eyes got solved, so that the keyboard is now actually usable for me. The 注音 keyboard still uses a non-standard (albeit mostly intuitive) system, its keys have been increased in size so that you can now actually type without constantly hitting the wrong button. Also, they seemed to have gotten rid of some problem which required you to hit enter after every word because otherwise the text you entered would stay in your tempory storage line (without you noticing), causing ALL of it be reconverted to 注音 if you hit backspace once because you hit the wrong button again.
Most importantly however, the latin keyboard is now actually a real latin keyboard, not a relabelled 注音 one, so that you can now enter words in an intuitive way (using Tailo). Also, it now has a feature which enables you to write in Tailo directly without a detour over the MoE character as it was before. It cannot write POJ, but I think that's a minor setback, considering there now finally is an input software which is actually practically usable for me.

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