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Discussions on the Hokkien (Minnan) language.
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Penang Hokkien Dictionary Project

Postby Ah-bin » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:44 pm

As many of you may know. I started a Penang Hokkien Dictionary Project page on Facebook in order to collect the last bunch of words for the Hokkien Dictionary. On that page I basically do the same thing I have been doing here, and I hope that having a few more people look at my questions will help sort out some of the words I've been unable to find so far. I don't seem to be able to copy and paste the link without the Chinese title coming out corrupted, but it still seems to get me there okay.

I know that some people don't have Facebook, so I will continue to post on here, even though it deosn;t seem that many people are looking at this forum at the moment.

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