Searched: Li-family from Shang Fang (上房)

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Searched: Li-family from Shang Fang (上房)

Post by elmer » Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:30 pm


After many, many years I finally identifed the village of origin of my family. It is called Shang Fang (上房), directly west of Jiao Mei Zhen (角美镇), in Longhai county, close to Xiamen.

I heard that Shangfang was founded in 1621 by a certain Li Kong Cheng(李巩承), who came from
Dong Fu Zhen (东浮镇), a bit to the east, these days on the territory of Xiamen. Li Kong Cheng is supposed to be a descendant of Li Huo De (李火德), supposed ancestor of all Li's in Fujian.

As I can't reach Chinese characters, I was hoping somebody could look on the internet or in Chinese literature and tell me a bit more about the history of Shangfang and the Li-genealogy of Li Huo De and his ancestors and/or offspring.

thanks in advance!