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Info On Taiwanese Hokkien TV Programmes

Postby KCTan » Mon Sep 02, 2002 11:45 pm

It is really very disheartening to note that there is no Hokkien TV entertainment programme over the TV networks in Malaysia and Singapore compared to the abundant Cantonese and Mandarin programmes eventhough Hokkiens form the largest Chinese dialect group in these 2 countries. There are Hokkien (Minnan) TV entertainment grogrammes available over various Taiwanese TV networks. Perhaps someone could furnish some information on the types of Hokkien TV entertainment programmes available in Taiwan and how they could be made available to the millions of Hokkien overseas perhaps through satellite TV.

Thank you.

James Campbell

Re: Info On Taiwanese Hokkien TV Programmes

Postby James Campbell » Wed Sep 04, 2002 2:59 am

Well, I don't know how a satellite works or how you're going to get the programming, but channel 29 samlip tiansitai (三立電視台) has good programming and I watch the shows occasionally. This is the channel that showed the popular Taiwan A-Cheng last year. They also do some culture shows with countryside visits and narration in Taiwanese. Some of the other channels have popular talk shows and much of those are in Taiwanese as well mixed with some Mandarin. There are several news channels that do a lot of Taiwanese broadcasting.
I know that 中天 news channel (used to have Power News but... what happened with them is a different story) it broadcasts all over the world, but it's in Mandarin.
I'll check later what other channels are in Minnan. My favorite programming is the samlip, they're programming is not humorous, er more serious acting.


Re: Info On Taiwanese Hokkien TV Programmes

Postby pcpy » Sat Sep 07, 2002 5:11 am

Thanks for the info. I am also very interested in having access to this Hokkien stuff and I believe there are many in the same boat but are not bothered about complaining to the national broadcasting and regulatory authorities to intervene in showing some Hokkien programmmes. In Malaysia we have the commercial ASTRO satellite TV network with some Chinese channels in Mandarin (including Taiwanese Mandarin programmes)and Cantonese but none in Hokkien. Unless Taiwanese Hokkien programmes are interesting, they will never be screened over ASTRO TV which operates on a purely commercial basis. Back in the 70'S and 80's,
the Malaysian national TV network and private TV3 did show Taiwanese Hokkien movies and series, but they were discontinued purely on commercial basis i.e. lack of advertisers' support as they were said to be not as interesting as the Cantonese stuff from Hong Kong. I sincerely hope the Taiwanese can produce interesting Hokkien (Minnan) programmes to attract not only the local Taiwanese audience but also the rather huge Hokkien audience overseas. Perhaps we should see how the Hakka programmes are going to fare as there is plan to launch a Hakka TV network in Taiwan and extend its coverage overseas in the long run. At least there is plan by the Taiwanese Government sponsored Council for the Hakka TV programming but none for the Taiwanese Hokkien who form the vast majority of the Taiwanese population. Perhaps the Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan) population should also demand for a Taiwanese Hokkien TV network sponsored by the Taiwanese Government who should be more concerned about the interest of the vast majority of the population. This will help to improve the quality of Hokkien programming and increase its acceptance overseas.


Re: Info On Taiwanese Hokkien TV Programmes

Postby Richard » Sun Sep 08, 2002 3:42 pm

Dear Mr. James Campbell and everyone,

M ay You please give me the name of the actors who had the roles a-Cheng and His aunt, a ngo jie,and also his mother, bee hong.

Thanks a lot.



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