Memorizing the hanzi easily

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Memorizing the hanzi easily

Post by dashu » Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:22 pm

Hi there,

Learning the hanzi, I had problems to remember a large numer of chinese characters. I tried different methods, and software with spaced repetition (saves you time and make it easier to remember).
But then I had problems sorting all the lists and telling the software what words I wanted to learn.
I made B-Speak ( so that I could work exlusively on what I want.

The application follows 3 main principles:
1) Help to memorize a lot of characters, fast, in the long term.
2) Custom made program: you work on what you need, not on silly vocab lists. The application also can tell what is important and what you should focus on
3) Easy to handle: You can import words in one click, and flashcards are made automatically, and ready to review.

You can check it out on, I made this for myself at the beginning but I guess it can help a lot o fellow studens, and I'd be glad to have some feedback!

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