Xiang Xin - Daily Mandarin Lesson

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Xiang Xin - Daily Mandarin Lesson

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be convinced that something is true; believe; to accept something as true


Tone marks: ►xiāng xìn
Tone numbers: xiang1 xin4

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 相信
Simplified: 相信

First Character: 相 (xiāng) – each other; one another; mutually
Second Character: 信 (xìn) – letter; true; to believe; sign; evidence

Examples of Xiāng Xìn

Audio files are marked with ►

►Qǐng nǐ xiāng xìn wǒ.
Please believe me.

►Méi yǒu rén xiāng xìn tā shuō de huà.
No one will believe what he says.

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