ChineseTime Group Lessons in February, 2009

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ChineseTime Group Lessons in February, 2009

Post by learnchinese » Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:35 pm

url= ... fault.aspx]ChineseTime Group Lessons in February, 2009[/url]
Time: 10:00 AM at Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Date: 2/16/2009---3/15/2009
Location: Zhongshan Park, Shanghai
Person: 2—6
Content: Practical Chinese in Beginning Level
The tuition fee: 50 RMB/hour/person
1. The textbook costs RMB30 if you need buy it.
2. You will get 10% discount off if you attend with your friends;
3. You will get one month FREE online self-study courses to experience our Blended Learning System which is the ONLY one in Shanghai.
Contents of the courses:
Lesson 1 How are you?
Lesson 2 How many people are there in your family?
Lesson 3 When is your birthday?
Lesson 4 Where is the store?
Lesson 5 What would you like to buy?
Lesson 6 Do you need a taxi?
Lesson 7 Would you like to order dishes?
Lesson 8 Do you want to book an air ticket?
Lesson 9 Do you know how to fill out the entry form?
Lesson 10 I am looking for an apartment
Lesson 11 I’m going to the post office
Lesson 12 At the bank
Lesson 13 See a doctor
Lesson 14 To see a dentist
Lesson 15 I need a job
Lesson 16 I need someone to fix my room
ChineseTime Group Lesson in February, 2009

---- Registration Application Form ----
Name:______________ ____________
Mobile Phone Number:_________ __
E-mail:____________ ___

1. Please send this form back to our email:
2. Any question, please contact us:
Office Phone: 021- 524 11 835
Fax: 021- 524 11 835
Mobile phone: 137 6465 7090 ( Charlie )

ChineseTime Mandarin School ... fault.aspx :P
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