Learn Chinese with Good Books

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Learn Chinese with Good Books

Post by xinxu » Tue May 15, 2007 12:48 am

Everyone understands that a good textbook makes one's learning process efficient and effective. Learning Chinese is especially so as Chinese is a difficult language to learn. With the latest publications of "Essential Chinese 1500" and "Intermediate Chinese 1500", you now have a set of very good textbooks for your Chinese language study.

Both "Essential Chinese 1500" and "Intermediate Chinese 1500" are designed for speedy Chinese study or quick look-up. Each of the books contains the detailed teaching of 1500 Chinese sentences organized into hundreds of topics. The books can be used as self-study textbooks or quick reference manuals on topic based usage.

In the books, all the vocabularies appeared in each sentence are clearly described with: (1). Simplified Chinese; (2). Traditional Chinese; (3). Romanized format Pinyin - the Chinese pronunciation system; (4). the computer format Pinyin and, (5). the English translation of the word. Each sentence is presented with (1). Simplified Chinese; (2). Romanized format Pinyin and, (3). the English translation of the sentence.

The two books combined provide you 3000 conversational sentences covering hundreds of topics and scenarios. Such amount of sentences are not easy to acquire quickly by conventional teaching and self-reading. You may read ten or twenty books, but still don't learn this many sentences. You may take many years of training courses spending thousands of dollars but still only know a fraction of this amount.

The e-book and printed editions of both books are available for purchasing at http://www.lulu.com/xinxu. The e-book previews are free to download.
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Re: Learn Chinese with Good Books

Post by wang jing li » Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:39 pm

100 Popular Chinese Idioms
Experiencing Chinese 100: Popular Chinese Idioms is a language book written specifically for a non-native Chinese speaker who wants to perfect his/her Chinese by speaking like a native. It provides 100 popular Chinese idioms that are used almost daily and are an integral part of the Chinese language. Along with each idiom are two short dialogues in which the phrase is used and some synonymous expressions to help the reader gain a better appreciation and understanding of the idiom's usage. Also, pointers and illustrations help to further explain the different usages and meanings. All of the sentences are written in Simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin and an English translation. Accompanying CD helps the student by letting them listen to the phrases being studied.

Learn Chinese On the Move Language Course

Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Words
The main purpose of learning a language is the natural and fluent application of the language in daily life. So is the purpose of overseas youth of Chinese descent in studying the Chinese language. Based on its consistent policy and concept of serving overseas Chinese, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commision has published several series of Chinese teaching materials to meet the needs of Overseas Chinese in different Regions. The present reader follows the mass line. It may be used by people of different age groups from different walks of life.

Learn to speak chinese
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