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The Phonetic System of Cantonese Language
廣東話 拼音 方案

1. The Cantonese Phonetic Alphabet
廣東話 拼音 字母表
(The Yale Romanization System)

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

(The letters of Qq, Rr, Vv, Xx, Zz, only used for the spelling of foreign language.)

2. Initials of the Cantonese Phonetic System
廣東話 拼音 方案聲母表

b 巴 p 扒 m 嗎 f 花d 打 t 他 n 拿 l 啦
g 家 k 卡 ng 牙 h 蝦gw 瓜 kw 誇 ch 資 j 雌s 思 y 也 w 華

3. Finals of the Cantonese Phonetic System
廣東話 拼音 方案 韻母表

a呀 ai唉 au拗 am菡 ap鴨 an晏 at壓 ang罌 ak軛
aai翳 aau歐 aam庵 aap急之韻 aan根之韻 aat不之韻 aang鶯 aak厄

eu靴之韻 eung香 euk脚之韻 eui居之韻 eun津之韻 eut卒之韻

e些之韻 eng廳之韻 ek隻之韻 ei卑

i衣 iu腰 im淹 ip葉 in煙 it熱 ing英 ik益

o痾 oi哀 on安 ot喝之韻 ong盎 ok惡 ou澳

u烏 ui隈 un豌 ut活 ung甕 uk屋

yu於 yun鴛 yut月

4. Signs for the Seven Tones

(1). High Falling Tone 高去聲 sign ‵a or a 1

(2). High Rising Tone 高上聲 sign ′a or a 2

(3). Middle Level Tone 中平聲 sign a, at or a 3
Middle Clippe 中入聲

(4). Hight Level Tone 高平聲 sign ¯a, ¯at or a 1°
Hight Clipped 高入聲

(5). Low Falling Tone 低去聲 sign ‵ah or a 4

(6). Low Rising Tone 低上聲 sign ′ah or a 5

(7). Low Level Tone 低平聲 sign ah, aht or a 6
Low Clipped 低入聲

Yale Romanizattion System
Sidney Lau Romanizattion System
Meyer-wempe Romanizattion System
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Re: Chinese alphabet

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In the spoken chinese language, each character is connected with a syllable of the language. In the different chinese dialects (at least 8 main dialects) the pronunciation of the characters is different but the meaning of the chartacters is the same and a north chinese (speaking mandarin dialect) can read a newspaper in guangzhou (cantonese dialect) without problems but will not be able to talk to another person who only speaks cantonese.