www.zhongwen.com de Pinyin liaotian

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www.zhongwen.com de Pinyin liaotian

Postby Sandy » Wed May 21, 2003 9:51 am

www.zhongwen.com de Pinyin liaotian

Youxie waiguoren de Pinyin shuiping hen gao.
Tamen keyi shenrude yong Pinyin talun ge fangmian de hua4ti2.
Juedabufende ren dou-shi shenglue sheng1diao4 de, biyaode shihou cai yong shumuzi biaodiao.

Wo zai www.zhongwen.com ren4shi2 de yige waiguo pengyou.
Ta zhi-shi xuele 6 ge yue de Zhongwen, jiu nenggou yong Pinyin liaotian.
Ta xie de shi quan biaodiao de Pinyin.
Tade Pinyin: pinxie, sheng1diao4 he ci2-lian2xie3 dou hen hao.
Wo wen ta weishenme yao quan biaodiao.
Ta shuo: quan biaodiao keyi xuehao Putonghua.

Dylan Sung

Re: www.zhongwen.com de Pinyin liaotian

Postby Dylan Sung » Wed May 21, 2003 12:38 pm

I don't speak Mandarin very well as it's not my first Chinese language, but I do use a pinyin input for character input most of the time. As such I can understand most of what you write, without tone marks too. However, after a while, it does get tiring, since one has to concentrate much harder what characters these syllables may have been for me to fully understand what you're saying.

In the DeFrancis set of readers, is a set of green or blue ones which are fully pinyin only. It is possible to learn Chinese Mandarin via pinyin only, as it is possible to learn Japanese only via the romanisation. Its nothing strange.


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