i need some help

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i need some help

Post by jon » Tue Apr 15, 2003 4:38 pm

i want to write a letter to a prospective chinese penfriend but i am not sure on the grammer and tones etc in pin yin . i would really appreciate it if someone could translate this into pin yin for me so that i can then use a program to translate it into characters. here is the letter (i hope it's not too long):

dear lu yuen-ping,
my name is Jon Warne and i am 27 years old and i was born in 1975 in the chinese year of the rabbit. there are 5 people in my family, my father, my mother and my 2 younger brothers who are twins. my father and mother are both 56 years old and were born in 1947 in the chinese year of the pig. my 2 little brothers are called Nick and Ben and are 25 years old and were born in 1977 in the chinese year of the snake.
my father grew up in macclesfield in england and joined the navy as an officer when he was 18 years old in 1965. he met my mother in Malta in 1973 and they got married in 1975 and i was born later that year. we moved to Newcastle in england in 1976 and my brothers were born in the next year. we moved to Plymouth in 1982. my father left the navy in 1991 and did a degree in maritime studies at Plymouth University where he achieved a second class honours degree. he is now retired.
my mother grew up in Newcastle and trained to be a midwife in the navy. she left the navy when she married my father. she has worked as a midwife in a hospital in Plymouth ever since.
my brothers and i went to a school called Plymouth college in Plymouth where we did our GCSE's and A-Levels. i left school when i was 18 years old in 1994 and have had lots of different jobs since then. i got bored of these jobs and in september last year i joined Middlesex university to study Traditional Chinese Medicine as i have always been interested in Eastern philosophy and health practices. after i have qualified i would like to travel around the world to learn more about different cultures.
my brothers left school in 1995 and they both went to Plymouth university to study sports sciences. they graduated in 1998 and both achieved second class honours degrees. Ben lives in London now and works as an estate agent and is very good at it. Nick also lives and works in London and has been a policeman there since 2000.
i have many friends at university and i really enjoy my time there even though it is very hard work and it will be another five years until i get the opportunity to go to China. i also have a girlfriend called Melanie and she is also studying in London to make films. we do not live together but we meet up often in London to spend time together. We like go back to Plymouth as often as we can to see our family and friends and also to visit the beaches and countryside near Plymouth.

well that is all about my family and myself, i hope to hear from you soon Yuen-Ping.

yours sincerely,


Re: i need some help

Post by donald » Fri Apr 18, 2003 8:06 am

It is a bit difficult to translate your letter to pin yin because it is too long. It may cause a lot of ambiguity if you write too long in pinyin system. There would be less problems if you asked somebody to translate it directly into characters.

By the way, there is no program translating pinyin into characters as far as I know. Good luck.

translated ^_^

Post by Liu » Fri Apr 18, 2003 3:18 pm

lu yuen-ping友:


我是Jon Warne,今年27岁。我出生于1975年,正好是华人的兔年。我家有5个家庭成员,我的爸爸、妈妈、两个弟弟(他们是双胞胎)和我。我父母都是56岁,他们1974年出生,那是华人的猪年。我的双生弟弟一个叫Nick另一个叫Ben,则是1977年出生,按华人的算法应该是属蛇吧。

我的父亲出生在英国的Macclesfild,1965年他18岁时加入英国海军,成为一名海军军官。1973年在马耳他(Malta)结识了我的母亲,1975年他们结婚了,年底就有了我。1976年我们搬到英国的Newcastle,第二年我的弟弟们就出世了。1982年我们又搬到Plymouth。1991年我父亲退役后在Plymouth University修读maritime studies,并获得了二等荣誉学位。现在他退休了。


我和弟弟们都是在Plymouth college完成高中学业。1994年18岁时我毕业离校,做过许多种工作,我厌倦了那些工作,于是在去年9月我报读Middlesex university大学,选修Traditional Chinese Medicine(中华医学)专业,一直以来我对东方哲学及养生之道非常有兴趣。等我学成之后我要环游世界,去了解不同的文化。

我的两个弟弟1995年高中毕业后就在Plymouth university修读sports sciences。1998年毕业时他们都获得二等荣誉学位。Ben现在住在London做房产经纪,他做这行很出色。Nick也在London,2000年他加入警界。




友: Jon