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Practical Chinese

Post by frontiers » Fri May 09, 2008 2:43 am

Hi ,everybody ,
Now you can learn Chinese from the dialogue, and it is Common uesed as following:

在 医 院
zài yī yuàn
In the hospital

小 明: 我 嗓 子是 怎 么 回 事 儿,大夫?
wǒ sǎnɡ zi shì zěn me huí shìr dài fu
Xiǎo mínɡ What's the matter with my throat, doctor?

医 生: 你 嗓 子 发 炎了。
yī shenɡ nǐ sǎnɡ zi fā yán le
Doctor You have a throat inflammation.

小 明: 很 严 重 吗?
hěn yán zhònɡ mɑ
Xiǎo mínɡ Is it serious?

医 生: 别 着 急,不 是 很 严 重。
yī shenɡ bié zháo jí bú shì hěn yán zhònɡ
Doctor Don't worry, it's not serious.

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Any way , hope our practical Chinese will help !

Thank you !
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