Dialectal characters

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Dialectal characters

Post by Kobo-Daishi » Sun May 13, 2001 11:39 pm

Dear readers,
How many dialectal characters are there in Cantonese? If there aren't many can someone list them here? Or describe how they look like if your software doesn't include them? Or can someone tell me where I may be able to get a copy of them?
How many of the dialectal characters were existing characters, but, have added meanings in Cantonese?
What are the characters for smart 'lek' & tongue 'lei' in Cantonese? Are they dialectal characters?
Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

"lek" and "lei"

Post by Sassy » Wed May 16, 2001 5:00 am

According to Chinese Character Dictionary,
"lei" (tongue) is written as:
<IMG SRC="http://www.chinalanguage.com/cgi-bin/char.cgi?8137">
while "lek" (smart) is written as:
<IMG SRC="http://www.chinalanguage.com/cgi-bin/char.cgi?53FB">

Re: "lek" and "lei"

Post by Kobo-Daishi » Thu May 17, 2001 12:51 pm

Dear Sassy,
In a previous post you asked how I learnt about the dialectal characters.
Well, I came across this old army Cantonese phrase book that the U.S. army had used during WWII and they had some characters that I didn't recognize. You see, I had taken Mandarin in high school.
Later on I read Jerry Norman's 'Chinese' and it mentioned that some dialects have special dialectal characters for words that were unique to their dialects. They were used 'to record folk verse, dramatic texts, dialogue in local stories and other types of local literature.'
Though, Cantonese is the only dialect other than Mandarin to have a rich written folk literature.
How did you learn about the dialectal characters?
Do you know a lot about programming?
Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.
P.S. Why doesn't Paul finish translating those sites that you wanted translated?