Some survival Chinese

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Some survival Chinese

Postby shellyuan » Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:23 am

Here I will introduce some survival Chinese to you, so next time when you go to china ,you may talk with Chinese from the topic below.
你好!(Ni hao) How do you do?
你身体好吗?(ni shen ti hao ma )How is your health?
你工作忙吗?(ni gong zuo mang ma)Are you busy with your work?
您贵姓?( nin gui xing )May I know your name?
我介绍一下儿(wo jie shao yi xia er ) Let me introduce
现在几点?(xian zai ji dian )what time is it?
你住在哪儿?(ni zhu zai na er)where do you live?
I found these on, you can check it yourself and find more.

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