help! - "hands"

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help! - "hands"

Post by matt » Wed Aug 20, 2003 6:23 pm


I wanted to see what the difference between
pok3 sau2 and paak3 sau2? What are the differences?

I know Cantonese people add the word "jeong" after pok3 sau2 and paak3 sau2, but what's the hanzi and what does it mean?

For the words tuo1 sau2 and laai1 sau2 are they related? Do they both mean to hold hands? Or does tuo1 sau2 mean more like to drag someone to some place by the hands?

Lisa c

Re: help! - "hands"

Post by Lisa c » Wed Aug 20, 2003 11:37 pm

Jeong = palm

I don't know the romanization so I can't tell the difference in pok and paak.

Tuo sau = holding hands
Lai sau = lead by the hand, some people use in place of ngak sau (shake hands)