help with translations~

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help with translations~

Post by matthew » Thu Dec 04, 2003 12:12 am

hey forum members

i have three words if you can help translate that would be great! i'm not sure on the meanings, so hopefully you can help!

* git mo sui (sounds like: 結+沒+水)
* tau bok (sounds like: 頭+薄)
* ziu gaau (sounds like: 朝+救)

The "sound-like"s are not what the actual words are, but sound like how you would say them in Chinese. Hopefully this will help and you can help me out Thanks


Re: help with translations~

Post by HAHAHA » Thu Dec 11, 2003 6:29 am

I am a Hong Kong person.
Let me help you la.

tau bok is "偷薄". It is used in salon while we are having our hair cut.
It means the hair becoming not so thick.
tau (偷) means stealing and bok (薄) means thin.

ziu gaau is "照舊". iIt is a spoken Cantonese phrase instead of written Chinese phrase. ziu (照) means "as same as". gaau (舊) means old or former. It means "as same as the former look".

git mo sui (sounds like: 結+沒+水) - sorry i really can't get the meaning

Benedict Tang from HK