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Postby Beck » Mon Dec 15, 2003 11:14 pm

I am a white chick from Australia. I am going to Hong Kong in January, and I am trying to translate a song into cantonese so that our team can learn it before we go over there. Can I post the english words and the cantonese I have pieced together so far... you guys can laugh at my shonky cantonese grammar and maybe help me a little. Sorry about the dodgy romanisation too!

So, in english...
Befriended, befriended by the King above all Kings
Surrendered, surrendered to the Friend above all friends
Invited, invited deep into this mystery
Delighted, delighted by this love that I have seen.

This will be my story
This will be my song
You will always be my saviour
Jesus, you will always have my heart.

Astounded, astounded that your gospel beckoned me
Surrounded, surrounded but I've never been so free

Determined, determined now to live this life for you
You are so worthy, my greatest gift would be the least you're due.

And the cantonese (!) version... (with English in the gaps!)

Ngo pang jau bdai dor King
Ngo surrender to the bdai pang jau
Ngo foon ying to li mystery
Ngo gou hing because li oi ngo hon

Li ngo ge story
Li ngo ge song
Nei ngo ge savior wing
Jeysue, nei jau ngo ge sam

I am astounded that nei ge words of truth & ping called ngo

Surrounded, surrounded, but I have never been this free

Ngo jiu live this life for nei
Nei gam worthy
Ngo ge bdai dor gift haih tye seew

So... anyone?

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