Working Cantonese IME sought (please help!)

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Working Cantonese IME sought (please help!)

Post by Anatoli » Tue May 24, 2005 10:50 pm

Hi all,

I am desperately looking for a working Cantonese IME. After going through tons of broken links (don't suggest to google), useless popup "download sites", and some programs that don't work on a Western PC, I realized I won't be able to get it without someone's help. Trouble is I am not good with Chinese to be able to read the download instructions too and English language couldn't give me anything useful.

I need a phonetic word processor, based on a Cantonese pronunciation (Jyutping, Yale, Lau, whatever). E.g. I type in keuih and select a character 佢. I'd prefer the one with English interface but can with a Chinese one, as long as it works on my PC and I don't see funny characters instead of Chinese.

Someone mentioned 紫光拼音 (ziguang pinyin). I couldn't find a good working download site.

1) Microsoft IME - doesn't not support all Cantonese characters. Taiwanese IME can't use Cantonese phonetic.
2) NJStar can be used to input Cantonese to a ceartain extent but it doesn't know the pure Cantonese characters: e.g. 哋 and 嘅.
3) The Hong Kong input utility is not phonetical, I can't use it.
4) I also tried a Red Dragon Input - I only had question marks for characters, maybe it only works on a Chinese PC.

Your help is appreciated.



Post by gupuigei » Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:18 pm

if you can read his chinese then follow the directions. if not, download the file, extract the files by double clicking and then do what the pictures on his site show. the romanization doesn't follow any standard format, which makes it harder, but i'm trying to change it so it will work with yale romanization.