a few translations

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a few translations

Post by Diane » Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:18 am

I have a few translations to be translated. I have some possible translations/clues to the words for translations and hopefully they'll help. Hanzi and translations would be very helpful. Thanks :)

• gáo zík – (I think this one has something to deal with handling, doing business with someone)
• fúk zyù – as in “Ngo fúk zyù lei” (Sounds negative?)
• Sún Gíng – I heard this like in terms of “Sún Gíng Ló [Ló as in Man?]” - I’m pretty sure it’s an adjective!
• Lyún gáo páo – to make a mess I think?
• Gúi yíng – (I think this word was like an adjective to describe something strangely large/big…)


Re: a few translations

Post by Terence » Tue Aug 19, 2003 1:23 pm

only guess

1. gaau1 jik6 交易 to trade, exchange etc.
1.1 gaau1 zik1 交織, (not know in English)
1.2 gu2 sik1 股息 divident
2. fuk6 zo2 nei5 服著你 (literal translation) admire you, but sometimes reciprocal, e.g. I admire you since I can never do or think the way you did, implies that the way you did or thought is too naive, simple, bad while common people would not do it, etc.
3. san4 ging1 神經 cracy, mad, insane
4. lyun6 gaau2 亂攪 to make mess, but with pao, not know what it is.
5. geoi6 jing4 巨型 very big(in shape),