Five Tips to Learn Chinese For Free in Less Than Eight Weeks

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Five Tips to Learn Chinese For Free in Less Than Eight Weeks

Post by baolj463 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:47 pm

Learning the Chinese language is not a difficult task. You can learn Chinese in eight weeks freely if you can spend some dedicated time. Learning Chinese will make you competent in the field of business and job opportunities. It will also help you know about the culture and life style of the most populous country which is going to emerge as the largest economic power in the future.

The best method to learn the Chinese language is to keep a constant touch with the language and get immersed in the process of learning. You can maintain contact with the language by communicating with others who have knowledge in Chinese. But there are fewer chances for getting such opportunity. To compensate it you can indulge in reading Chinese stories and articles that are interesting to you.

Learning of Chinese language requires mastering the vocabulary. You have to build a strong vocabulary and find out connections between related words and characters. The words that you frequently need can be mastered using vocabulary lists and using flashcard technique.

Watching Chinese movies that you are interested in will also help to maintain a contact with the language. You can also view several programs like news and discussions from the cable television.

The best way to learn Chinese is to get into close contact with the Chinese people. There are many social groups available all over the world that brings Chinese speaking people together. There are many tour operators and training schools that provide an opportunity for a student to stay along with a Chinese Family. This will give the student more opportunity to speak Chinese and to understand the Chinese culture.

There are many online web sites in internet offering training courses in Chinese language. The interactive sessions designed by these sites are sufficient enough to provide a better idea about the Chinese language.

If you want to learn the beginner Chinese for free, check out lessons at Chinese Tomorrow. If you are looking for a course that can teach you conversational Chinese in less than eight weeks? Try out Rocket Chinese.