Foreign languages other than Chinese newspapers like?

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Foreign languages other than Chinese newspapers like?

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Observe the speech of Chinese diplomats, along with language that the news media of this country, we are seeing a significant difference.

In diplomacy, to achieve this goal, the Chinese officials had no shortage of flowery words to persuade neighboring countries to follow. But that is another language newspaper China for countries in the region, completely contrary to the language which are usually peaceful diplomats this country use.

Invites you to join us to learn two more languages in reverse this.
China has no intention of invading other countries?

Earlier this year, during a visit by the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, leading figures in the construction of the foreign policy of China, said his military Nations, member of China's State Council praise Asean . In a speech, he praised his military country in the past 10 years as Asean, Asean has become "more influential politically, economically competitive, and plays an important role and only in the protect and promote stability in the region. "

Also in this speech, he claimed that his military Nations, China has never intended to invade other countries.

He said: "Look at the history of China. Chinese tradition and culture of aggression and expansion or not? I have noted, many people around the world to say "no." China does not want to search for hegemony or expansion, even in China the world's strongest, with 30% of global GDP a few hundred years.

Many of you know about Zheng He's voyage to the Western Sea. Leading the most powerful fleet in the world, Zheng He made seven trips to the Western Sea, which brought porcelain, silk and tea, not bloodshed, pillage or colonialism. "

However, contrary to the language of his country using his military voices are calling for war by the Chinese press. In recent years, it has the newspaper article calling for the Chinese government should launch the war against Vietnam and other countries in the region, as reported Luan Dan, Central Military hammock, hammock China (China . com), and many other online newspapers.

Most notably is the Hoan Bridge Times newspaper, this is a prestigious newspaper in China, with a circulation of nearly 2 million copies each and have correspondents in over 60 countries worldwide. This continuity is all related to the East Sea with completely contradictory allegations diplomatic language that often used China.

For example, early in July last year, Hoan Bridge Times newspaper has an article titled: "92% of Chinese netizens agree to use force to solve the East Sea." More than a month later, another article posted on a newspaper called for launching the war against Vietnam, such as: "War at Sea: five major causes should lead China to Vietnam scattered." In October last year, a newspaper article on the Hoan Bridge, titled: "China's Liberation Army generals say very strongly: 'It prepares and then type in the East Sea'."

Although the website has also mentioned the presence of other countries on the East Sea as the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and urged China "to use 'normal' if using 'holidays' do not take effect." However, with Vietnam they called for the use of force, because the Chinese press, scholars of this country that Vietnam is the most dangerous opponents and rivals the most difficult to resolve the dispute with East China Sea.
Foreign policy "the peace" of China?

Meanwhile, Radio China International CRI report on the foreign policy of this country as follows: "Before such a following, China enforced the principle of independence, not signed with any coalition large country or nation where corporations, not organized and attended military corporations, not participating in arms race, not initiate military promotion.

Antimilitaristic three rights, preserving world peace, no policy of discrimination nations large and small, love strong, rich and poor are equal members of the international community. Between countries and resolve disputes through touch and negotiate peace, not to use force or threaten to use force, not part of interference in the internal affairs of other countries
Voluntarily establish and develop friendly cooperative relations with all countries based on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other, not aggression, not interfere each other's internal affairs, equality mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence. "

And he did his military also repeated China's foreign policy of China as CRI Radio reported: "Look at the basic policy of China. Not looking for hegemony is the basic national policy and our strategic choices. China wants friendship, not hegemony. China has always pursued the policy is good and friendly neighbors.

China represents the equality between all countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor and respect the rights of their people, chosen the path of their development separately established.

We will comply with the cooperation of mutual benefit and common progress. The long-term stability of China's development and prosperity have been proven as an opportunity for neighbors, not a challenge, not a disaster. "

However, May 14, the network's post amortization Enter Lieutenant General, former Vice Chairman Military Committee, cum Defence Minister of China, with words calling for China to launch a war in area. Duong Danh Dy researchers have translated this article, including Enter the amortization period he wrote as follows:

"To prevent, slow the time war broke out in the Taiwan Strait, must first bring the war in the Taiwan Strait to the 'decisive battle strategy of symmetry', sequence of dead fish is just the net also torn, if we did not win the war in the Taiwan Strait, the consequences more disastrous defeat also Giap Ngo war. So do not hit the stop, as must be fought comprehensively destroyed Japan, the U.S. disability reviews, which only nuclear war to fulfill new tasks.

Demand was good evil, that the final outcome of the current policy of our evil is for good, only a comprehensive capability to destroy Japan, for U.S. disability peace is won, if not Taiwan Strait issue lasted no more than 10 years, in 10 years all have wars. "

Or the article with the words aggression was posted on Chinese newspaper titled "Let the enemy they killed animals for International Vietnam battle flag for South Sa" and "China should use force to attack we heart lang gravel Vietnam ", translated by Professor Vu Cao Dam, which we can find on the newspaper there, enough to see the contradiction between the language of diplomacy and the press of how China.

Will other countries in the region have also believed in the flowery language of diplomacy, conflict with press allegations and actions of China's reality, or has the time to listen to boring because the diplomatic language this?
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